Studies conducted by the World Health Organization (WHO) suggest that disorders of of the thyroid gland functioning are most common among endocrine diseases, second only to the prevalence of diabetes. According to various reports from 15 to 40% of Russia’s population suffer from thyroid pathologies, while in some regions the percentage of patients requiring treatment of the thyroid gland is approaching 95%. Statistics show that every second person living in Moscow and Moscow region has impaired function or structure of the thyroid gland.

Poor environmental conditions, lack of iodine and other nutrients in the diet and more commonly registered genetic disorders can be mentioned as primarily possible causes.

Complexity of treatment of the thyroid gland pathologies is due to the fact that they occur in a latent form for a long time.

Diseases may be accompanied by not only local hormonal disorders, but by significant changes in functioning of all major systems of the human body.

Modern medicine offers a variety of means and methods for the treatment of the thyroid gland pathologies. Universally recognized standard of treatment includes: Thyroid hormone replacement therapy (THRT), use of medications that reduce production of own hormones (thyreostatics), radiotherapy (use of radioactive iodine isotope for suppression of thyroid gland function) and use of radical method of treatment — surgery (partial or total removal of the organ). Each of these methods is widely used in endocrinology, but has many disadvantages because of the side effects and contraindications.

Replacement therapy

For example, such method of treatment as hormone replacement therapy means use of synthetic thyroid-stimulating hormones. Due to prolonged use of chemical analogs the function of own thyroid gland is gradually coming to «zero» and the person is doomed for a lifelong pills consumption, and without it is simply doomed. Use of medications containing thyroid hormones is also accompanied by side effects: increased heart rate (tachycardia), increased nervous excitement (psychosis), sleep disorders etc.

Using of thyreostatics

Main negative effect that occurs after use of thyreostatics is partial or complete cessation of own thyroid hormones production, and due to this patients are subsequently forced into lifelong hormone replacement therapy. Use of thyreostatics is very often accompanied by severe side effects such as: allergic reactions, inhibition of hematopoiesis (due to disruption of the bone marrow function), nausea, vomiting, liver malfunctions, etc.


Surgical interventions on the thyroid gland require precise work of a surgeon to prevent damage to healthy tissues. For this reason about 10% of patients after surgery become disabled — usually due to removal of the parathyroid gland and due to development of other complications. In addition, one of the major limitations of this kind of treatment is lifelong consumption of thyroid hormones to maintain their normal levels in the body.

Unfortunately, modern methods do not always allow patients to achieve complete recovery. Despite this, official medicine prefers to ignore any attempts to modify established standards of care. Until recently, there was no medication that can simultaneously recover pathological changes in the thyroid tissue and normalize its natural function to healthy — euthyroid state.

Development of medicinal product ENDONORM®

Within ten years specialists of Fitopanacea have performed the following fundamental research and practical work:

  • study of modern means and methods of treatment of thyroid pathologies;
  • screening of flora of Russia and CIS countries in order to identify medicinal plants with thyrotropic activity which are used for treatment of thyroid gland;
  • promising plants were selected and comprehensively examined;
  • own resource base of medicinal plants was established on principles of organic farming;
  • highly effective thyrotropic medication and its industrial production were developed and registered.

As a result of this work the original medicinal product ENDONORM® was developed. The medicinal product has no analogues at the pharmaceutical market, and intended for restoration of the thyroid gland structure and normalization of its function with a maximum therapeutic activity.


The main active component of the medicinal product ENDONORM® is Albinin substance, which was isolated from the extract of roots and rootstocks of Cinquefoil (Potentilla alba L.).

Cinquefoil is well known in traditional medicine in Russia and European countries. Formulations based on this plant are widely used as a highly effective means for treating various pathologies of the thyroid gland:

  • hypothyroidism (hypofunction, myxedema) — reduced thyroid function;
  • euthyroid goiter (diffuse, nodular/multinodular) — morphological changes in the structure (tissue) of thyroid gland without compromising its function;
  • autoimmune thyroiditis (Hashimoto’s thyroiditis, Chronic autoimmune thyroiditis) — lesion of the thyroid gland accompanied by immune disorders;
  • thyroid hyperplasia — a benign overgrowth of thyroid tissue.

In recent years several attempts were made to develop medicinal products based on this unique plant, however, the use of Cinquefoil in the pharmaceutical industry was blocked due to insufficient research and limited raw materials available.

Specialists of Fitopanacea have developed highly efficient agrotechnology of Cinquefoil cultivation based on standards of «green food» and organic agriculture. Performed long-term work allows to organize mass cultivation and processing of this unique plant.

Composition of the medicinal product

Medicinal product ENDONORM

Medicinal product ENDONORM®

Advanced technologies allowing to produce high quality products were used during development of the medicinal product.

In the process of medicinal product development company’s scientists performed clinical studies, which allow to develop a unique component composition, dosage and treatment regimens.

Furthermore, high effectiveness of the medicinal product ENDONORM® in treatment of wide range of thyroid diseases was demonstrated during clinical studies. Two patents of the Russian Federation protect the results of these studies.

Medicinal product ENDONORM® is a mixture of dry extracts of roots and rootstocks of Cinquefoil, Trifid bur marigold (beggar-ticks), Licorice roots and a lyophilized powder of Laminaria saccharina processed with special technology. Extract of Cinquefoil, standardized by content of Albinin substance, is the main active component of the medicinal product while other components synergistically enhance and modulate thyroid-stimulating effect.

Albinin substance, triterpene glycosides and polyphenolic compounds of Cinquefoil (Potentilla alba L.) influences production of thyroid-stimulating hormone by the anterior pituitary, improves morphological structure of the thyroid tissue and facilitates return of the thyroid to euthyroid state.

Glycyrrhizic acid of Licorice (Glycyrrhiza glabra L.) normalizes adrenal function, improves functioning of immune and reproductive systems, restores hormonal balance in the body.

Iridoids and phenylpropanoids of Trifid bur marigold (Bidens tripartita L.) possesses immunomodulatory activity and enhances effects of the Albinin substance in hyperthyroidism and autoimmune thyroiditis.

Thallus of Laminaria saccharina (Laminaria saccharina L.) contains iodine compounds, selenium, zinc, copper and other nutrients that contribute to normalization of metabolic processes in the thyroid tissue. Organic origin of these substances eliminates the risk of iodine overdose as absorption of organic iodine compounds occurs strictly at the level of physiological needs of the body, and any excess is not absorbed and is excreted naturally.

Nature and contents of container

Medicinal product ENDONORM® is manufactured in the form of hard gelatin capsules 400 mg and packed into a plastic container (60 and 90 capsules). One capsule contains:

  • Dry extract of roots and rootstocks of Cinquefoil — 200 mg;
  • Dry extract of Trifid bur marigold — 80 mg;
  • Dry extract of Licorice roots — 50 mg;
  • Powder of Laminaria saccharina thalli — 70 mg.

Use of the medicinal product ENDONORM® is not for lifelong consumption. As a rule, changes in clinical manifestation of the disease and normalization of hormonal parameters are observed already after the first — two months — course of treatment.

Optimal doses of the medicinal product should be determined by a physician based on the diagnosis, status of the thyroid gland and duration of the disease.

For more information on the medicinal product and doses visit the official website.

ENDONORM® — a new life of thyroid gland!